Formerly known as Timberline Construction Ltd., FB Timberline has been operating since 2006 and joined the Forbes Bros. Group of Companies in 2017. FB Timberline brings a focus on safety, skilled people, and specialized equipment required to complete any utility project of any size. Our founders are all Journeymen powerline technicians who, combined, offer over 100 years of experience in powerline construction, maintenance, and management. FB Timberline has the mobile skilled people and resources required to complete any size and scope of utility project effectively and efficiently.

FB Timberline recognizes the importance of expert material management to ensure timely and financially viable completion of projects. Our team provides detailed, real-time inventories that are designed to keep our crews and projects on schedule, every time.

We are strongly committed to a health and safety management system and culture that protects staff, property, contractors, visitors, the public, and the environment and communities where we operate. We also have a firm commitment to an environmental management system and culture that exceeds the social, environmental, and economic expectations of our clients. We are dedicated to meeting or exceeding all environmental requirements defined by legislation, regulations, customer requirements, and other environmental standards that apply to us. We also continually look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and services through sustainable principles and practices.

FB Timberline ensures that all materials and components of our work fully conform to client and industry requirements. Our project-specific plans specify the quality management methodologies, procedures, inspections, tests, certifications, reports, documentation, forms, tolerance specifications, quality testing activities, and site document controls to be used on each project.

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“It’s good to work for a growing company that has great core values ”

It’s good to work for a growing company that has great core values and where everyone is treated like family.

William Madden Jr. - Foreman-

“I appreciate my co-workers and managers for their knowledge, patience, guidance, and trust.”

The best part about working at FB Timberline has been learning new skills and making the position my own. I appreciate my co-workers and managers for their knowledge, patience, guidance, and trust.

Cathy Melendez - Administrator

“FB Timberline has helped me to grow and develop professionally through training and mentoring programs in a dynamic work environment.”

I appreciate the family-owned business mentality where employees are more than just a number and are individually appreciated for their hard work. I appreciate that FB provides a top-notch safety program that ensures that I and all my co-workers go home safe at the end of the day.

Carter Smith - Project Manager